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Seeking Joseph - Hiram IS Joseph's Brother. :o)

It’s official …. Joseph is not an only child.  Hiram Roberts IS his brother.   :o)
New Information:
Based on the information I obtained from Find-A-Grave yesterday, I researched the death certificates for Hiram, Anna, Elizabeth, and Martha Anna Roberts.  Here is what I discovered:

Hiram Roberts was born January 27, 1840 in Canada to Roswell William Roberts (born in Massachusetts) and Mahetable Miller (born in Pennsylvania).  Hiram died December 26, 1909 in Sand Beach Township, Huron County, Michigan, USA at the age of 69 years, 11 months were he had been a farmer.  He was buried on December 28, 1909 in Rock Falls Cemetery.  The cause of death is very hard to read, but appears to be “Chronic Myelitis, Cirrhosis of Liver”.  Hiram is listed as married on his death certificate, though I currently don’t know his spouse’s name.  The informant on Hiram’s death certificate was Elmer Roberts (living in Harbor Beach).  I do not know Elmer’s relationship to Hiram, but I am assuming he may be a son.
Anna (Gohill) Roberts is still somewhat of a mystery.  She was born May 30, 1871 in Sutton Canada to Charles Gohill (born in Montreal Canada) and Eliza Evans (born in Canada).  She is listed as married, but there is no information as to her spouse’s name.  The informant on her death certificate says “Sister”, who was residing in Bay City, Michigan.  The fact that was most interesting is that Anna is listed as living on Bartlett Street, so I know there must be a connection to my Redman Street family. (Source:,393468)
Martha Anna Roberts and Elizabeth E(mmer) Roberts (her middle name hard to read) are sisters to each other.  They were both born to Henry Roberts (born in New York) and Mariam Ramsey (born in Canada).  Both sisters died of heart ailments.
Elizabeth was born January 22, 1875 in Canada.  She died July 3, 1915 in Sand Beach Township, Huron County, Michigan, USA at the age of 40 years, 6 months and 11 days.  She was single at the time of her death.  The informant is listed as Ross Roberts of Harbor Beach.  Elizabeth was buried at Rock Falls Cemetery on July 6, 1915.  Elizabeth’s cause of death was “fatty degeneration of heart”. (Source:,256292)
Martha was born July 10, 1865 in Canada.  She died March 1, 1916 in Sand Beach Township, Huron County, Michigan, USA, at the age of 50 years 7 months and 21 days.  She was single at the time of her death.  The informant is “Mr. Ross Roberts” of Harbor Beach.  Martha was buried at Rock Falls Cemetery on March 4, 1916. Martha’s cause of death was “pneumonia” and “chronic valvular heart disease”. (Source:,102697)

Questions and Analysis:
A search of the 1851 and 1861 Canadian census in Halton County, Ontario, Canada should find Joseph and Hiram listed as children in the household of Russell (Rowsell) and Mahatable Roberts.
A search of the 1900 and 1910 Huron County, Michigan federal census may shine more light on Anna and her family; provided they emigrated from Canada prior to either census record.
Can I locate any other children of Russell Roberts and Mahatable Miller in the Death Records of 1897-1920 on the website?  It may be best to wait on that search until I locate the family in the Canadian census records, so I have first names to use in my query.
How is Henry Roberts related to Joseph and Hiram?  Perhaps Henry Roberts was a cousin to Joseph and Hiram, making Henry a nephew to Russell.  And is Mariam Ramsey related to Ramsey’s who own the Ramsey Funeral Home in Harbor Beach?
I am also curious about where Russell Roberts and Mahatable Miller were married?  According to Hiram’s death certificate Russell (Rowsell) was born in Massachusetts (which matches Joseph death certificate), and Mahatable Miller was born in Pennsylvania (Joseph’s death certificate lists her as born in Holland).  However, without knowing the date of birth and birthplace for their oldest child, it may be difficult to estimate a possible marriage year or location.
I guess I will see if I can find Hiram and Joseph listed in the 1851, 1861 and 1871 Canadian census on  This may shed light on the names of any other siblings, as well Hiram’s wife and any children he may have had while in Canada.  It may also help me narrow down the possible year and location for Russell Roberts and Mahatable Millers marriage.
Until next time, thanks for stopping by.
Love & Aloha,
~Cuzn Amy

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