Monday, July 30, 2012

Maritime Monday - The Jane Wood Boat

The Jane Wood, built by the James Wood Boat Co. in Mt. Clemens, MI in 1909
(L to R - Robert Wood, Herbert Wood, Caroline Wood, Jane Wood and Nelson Wood),
with the John Updagrove fish house in the background.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Who was Phoebe Ann Lymburner?

In addition to researching how historical facts of the past relate to and affected my ancestors, I am equally fascinated by the science behind familial relationships.  Whether it be a study on "nature vs nurture" (especially when it comes to "talents" and other gifts of the spirit), or the recent developments of DNA research and its effects on our genetics, I find a deeper connection to my heritage.

When I first learned about mitochondrial DNA, I was so excited.  To think that a part of my DNA structure has been passed down from mother to daughter for generations with minimal changes (if any) amazes me.  That "mitochondrial Eve" for my own personal family tree would be a woman I only know as "Phoebe Ann Smith Lymburner".  She passed her mtDNA on to her daughter, Mary Elizabeth Lymburner, who then passed the same mtDNA to her daughter, Mabel Ellen Ogle, who then passed the same code on to my grandmother, Elsie Marie Roberts, then on to my mother and myself. And now I have passed the same to my own daughters, and consequently on to my granddaughters.  And this tiny little code buried deep in our cells binds us to each other.

Which brings me to the reason for today's post.  I don't really know much about my 3rd great grandmother.  I am able to take my "Lymburner" lines back further, but Pheobe Ann Smith Lymburner is a bit of a brickwall to me.  So I am going  to devote some effort over the rest of this year to see of I can f ind out more about her.  In the meantime ...

What I currently know:

Phoebe Ann Smith was born in Sep 1826 in Caistorville, Lincoln, Ontario, Canada. When she was 18, she married William Lymburner (son of John Lymburner Jr. and Margaret Swick), about 1845 in Caistorville, Lincoln, Ontario, Canada.  They had nine children: John Milton Lymburner; Culver R Lymburner, Alfred Kirk Lymburner; Alexander Lymburner, George Hamilton Lymburner, Patrick Lymburner, Fralick Lymburner, Mary Elizabeth Lymburner and Rosanah Lymburner.  She died on 02 Oct 1884, and is buried in Dochstader Cemetery at Caistor Township, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada.

(WARNING:  The above information was gathered from various sources a long time ago, and unfortunately I did not do so well in keeping a record of those sources.  So if you copy any of this information, please be sure to validate my information with your own research.  I sure wouldn't want to pass along incorrect information.)

What I don't know:

1) Who were Phoebe Ann Smith's parents?
2) Was "Smith" her correct maiden name?
3) Does her family have anything to do with "Smithville", the community next to Caistorville?

What documents do I have:

Record of Death: 

Archives of Ontario. Registrations of Deaths, 1869-1938. MS 935, reels 1-615. Archives of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario, Canada / Phoebe Ann Lymburner, Reel:  37. (18 July 2012)

Thanks for stopping by.

Love and Aloha,
~Cuzn Amy
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