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Seeking Joseph - Find-A-Grave Information

Before I get started with my new research ... I would like to apologize to everyone who has tried to post a comment to this blog.  I did not realize I had the setting set to only let "registered" followers post comments.  I have now updated my settings for all future posts, and even previous posts should now allow comments (if you are so inclined).  Thanks. :o)

New Information:
According to the Find-A-Grave website the following six individuals with the surname ROBERTS are buried at Rock Falls Cemetery in Harbor Beach, Huron, Michigan, USA. 
Roberts, Anna Gohill                      b: April 1871 d: ??? 7, 1912 (65707624)
Roberts, Cecelia Gillem                  b: June 20, 1845 d: September 22, 1910 (65191848)
Roberts, Elizabeth E                        b: ??? 22, 1875 d: July 3, 1915 (65707566)
Roberts, Hiram                                b: January 27, 1940 d: December 26, 1909 (65707544)
Roberts, Joseph                               b: July 9, 1946 d: April 28, 1911 (65191720)
Roberts, Martha Anna                     b: July 10, 1865 d: March 1, 1916 (65707595)
It’s important to remember that the information on Find-A-Grave.com is provided by volunteers (like myself), so I you can never be sure how complete or accurate the data is (though we try to do our best).  So, it is possible that there are more ROBERTS family members buried in this cemetery who have not been submitted to the Find-A-Grave’s database yet.  But please don’t let that deter you from using this wonderful FREE resource in your own research process.

Questions and Analysis:
How are these six people related to each other?
We know that Joseph and Cecelia are married to each other.
Joseph and Cecelia had two daughters – Elizabeth and Sarah (whom I believe were twins).  Elizabeth was married at the time of her death, so I would expect that she is buried elsewhere under her married name – and so their daughter Elizabeth is not likely the same Elizabeth E Roberts buried at Rock Falls Cemetery. 
Both Anna and Martha Anna, were born about the same time as Joseph and Cecelia’s children.  But they could not be daughters-in-laws either as my notes reflect, George married a Hannah; William married a Mary; Charles married a Lillie; and Alfred married Mabel Ellen Ogle.  Robert James Roberts never married to my knowledge.
Anna’s maiden name is Gohill, so she was married to a Roberts but it would be unlikely that she was married to Hiram (as the age difference is over 30 years), and none of Joseph and Cecelia’s son’s were married to an Anna or Martha Anna.  Additionally, the Find-A-Grave memorials for both Elizabeth and Martha Anna do not reflect any maiden names, so it is possible they were spinster daughters, though they were both old enough to have been married
Since Hiram is a few years older than Joseph, it is possible that Hiram is Joseph’s older brother or perhaps a cousin. 
I guess I will see if I can find any death certificates for these people on the SeekingMichigan.org website (Death Records 1897-1920).  Their death certificates should provide the names of their parents, and spouses.  So if Hiram’s father is the same as Joseph’s I will know they are brothers.
Meanwhile, thanks for stopping by.
Love & Aloha,
~Cuzn Amy

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