Monday, April 11, 2011

Seeking Joseph - Death Certificate 1911

What I’ve learned from Joseph Robert’s Death Certificate:
Joseph Roberts died in the City of Harbor Beach, Huron County, Michigan, United States on Friday, April 28, 1911 at 8:00 pm.  He had been under a doctor’s care for approximately 8 days.  His Cause of Death was determined to be Lobar Pneumonia (, which he had for approximately six days, along with a contributory case of the measles.  Joseph was buried in Rock Falls, on Monday, May 1, 1911.
William Roberts, who was residing in Harbor Beach, is listed as the informant. (I am assuming that this William is Joseph and Cecelia Roberts’ oldest son).  Joseph’s date of birth is July 9, 1848, in Nelson, Canada.  He was 63 years, 9 months and 19 days at the time of death.  He married at age 21, was the father of 7 children of whom 6 were currently living in 1911 (Robert Roberts died approx 1908), and was widowed (Cecelia died September 22, 1910).  Joseph’s parents are listed as Russell W Roberts, born in Massachusetts and Mahatable Miller (which matches the M Miller), born in Holland.  Joseph’s occupation is listed as Labor.
New Questions:
  1. Why does Joseph and Cecelia’s marriage registration list Joseph's father’s name as Joseph, and his death certificate list his father as Russell? Which is correct?
  2. Since Joseph was born and raised in Nelson, Halton, Ontario, Canada until his move to Michigan …. can I locate a Joseph Roberts with his parents in the 1861 Canadian Census (or even the 1851 census)?  Are there other other Roberts families in Halton County that are related?
  3. Were Joseph, Cecelia and their children the only "Roberts" to move to Huron County?  Are there other Roberts families in Huron County that are related?
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