Friday, May 29, 2015

Family Tree Friday: Who Was Thomas Ogle?

Who Was Thomas Ogle?

I am so excited.  This week I came across a new document that I was not aware existed previously.  And it has given me a new lead to help firm up more on the history of my Ogle family from Canada.  

My 2nd Great Grandfather was Oliver Ogle (1851 - 1917).  I believe he was born in or near Seneca, Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada in 1851 and he died in Harbor Beach, Huron County, Michigan in 1917.  I also know he had a brother named Samuel Ogle (1853 – 1926), who came to live with him and died in Harbor Beach, Huron County, Michigan as well in 1926.  Both men are buried at Rock Falls Cemetery.

The mystery so far has been who exactly were Oliver and Samuel's parents, what happened to them and if they had any other siblings.  I have seen some public family trees on that shows a sister named Ellen and a brother named Jonathan, but I have been unable to validate that this is correct.  And before I add this information to my own research, I'm trying to firm up as much evidence to prove of disprove any connections.

Which brings us back to this document.  The Michigan Passenger and Crew Lists (1903-1965) images are located on's website under immigration.  The following document was found doing a search in the specific database for Samuel Ogle.  What is strange to me is that a general search of Samuel Ogle's name did not produce any results that had this document listed.  Instead I stumbled upon it by doing a search of the surname OGLE only with a residence of Canada, and came across other Ogle family names I recognized, such as Merritt and his wife Ethel when they moved to Canada for a time.

This document has given me several pieces of information that I have not seen before, such as "Place of Birth: Canada, Sinclairville" (where is that exactly).  What does the remark "Farber" mean (or is that a signature of the person filling out the form)? But most importantly, who is the person listed as the nearest relative. "Nephew" "Thos Ogle" "Blenheim, Ont".

I know that Thomas is not a child of Oliver, so this would lead me to believe that there is another brother who apparently stayed in Ontario when Oliver and Samuel moved to Harbor Beach.

So, who was Thomas Ogle?  Guess I will start with trying to locate all the Ogle's listed in the 1911 Census in or around Blenheim, Ontario ... and work my way backward.

Wish me luck!


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