Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Unique News Clippings - Part 1

In addition to news clippings related to the life events of family and close friends, my great grandmother also kept articles of local, national and world events that she found of interest.  I will post those here as well, in hopes that these articles will be helpful to others conducting research on their own branches, or during this time period (1930s and 1940s).

-- And Their Mother is Only 35

Mrs. O.D. Dalton, of Valdosta, GA, age 35, is the mother of these ten beautiful children, the oldest 15 years and the youngest 14 months.  Only one pair of twins is included.  Mrs. Dalton is believed to be the youngest mother of ten.

West Wind Brings 'Flood' of Dust to Huron Motorists
(Special to The Times Herald)

Bad Axe, Feb. 6 (1937) - If you are tired of reading about flood conditions in the South -- try a little of this. Motorists on highways in Huron county and parts of Tuscola and Sanilac counties, complained today that they were forced to drive through dust storms so thick in places that it was difficult to see.  The dust was being driven by so strong a west wind that it was difficult to hold the cars steady on the highways.  The dust coming for the most part from winter plowed fields and also from dirt roads blanketed the thin coating of snow that spotted the landscape.  The dust seeped into closed cars, motorists complained and made breathing unpleasant and the dust also irritated their eyes.  The dust storm started about 9 a.m. and eased off about 5 p.m. today.  There has been very little moisture in Huron county this winter.

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