Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Seeking Joseph - What I currently know

Joseph Roberts

Joseph Roberts was born to Russell W Roberts and his wife Maheltable Fuller on July 9, 1846 in Nelson township, Halton county, Ontario, Canada.  He married Cecelia Gillem about 1868, but I do not know where (I am assuming Canada, so that is where I will start my hunt).

Joseph and Cecelia were the parents of seven children:  William H Roberts, Robert James Robert, Charles Fredrick Roberts, George H Roberts, Elizabeth L. Roberts, Sarah L. Roberts and Alfred "Alf" C Roberts (my great grandfather).

Joseph, Cecelia and I believe their first six children immigrated from Canada to Harbor Beach about 1878 and their youngest child, Alfred was born in Harbor Beach.  I've been told that Joseph worked for the Coast Guard (though I have nothing to verify this information currently).  And Joseph loved to play the fiddle, and because he was left handed he learned to play a right handed one upside down.

Joseph passed away April 28, 1911 in Harbor Beach, Huron county, Michigan, USA due to pneumonia caused by a case of the measles, and his wife Cecelia had predeceased him by about seven months, having died September 22, 1910 from myocardial degeneration.  Both are buried at the Rock Falls Cemetery just outside of Harbor Beach.

Courtesy of Find-A-Grave website
Photo uploaded by Scott Buschlen 2004

Now that I know what I know ... I can start to fill in the blanks of those items I don't know. 

1) I'd like to find a record of Joseph and Cecelia's marriage in Canada.  I will check Ancestry.com to start with, and then move to the Canadian Archives.
2) I need to find some pictures of Joseph and Ceclia.  I will check with my mother and see if she has any she can scan and send to me, and then maybe get the email addresses of any family members that might be able to help me as well.
3) I need to find pictures of any of their children.  I know I have at least one picture of Alfred (my great grandfather), but I'm sure someone should have more somewhere.   I will see if anyone else on Ancestry.com has uploaded a tree with Joseph and Cecelia as common ancestors.
4) And I need to inventory the media that I do have already, so that I don't duplicate work I've done over the last couple years.  And I need to document my research and source going forward, since I am not real sure what I have already found.  I believe I recently found both Joseph and Cecelia's death certificates on the Seeking Michigan website, and I believe I have at least the 1900 and 1910 Federal Census.

As you can see, I've got some work to do ... so best get to it.

Thanks for stopping by. :o) Until next time.

Love & Aloha,
Cuzn Amy

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