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Amanuensis Monday - The Art of Being Neighborly

Silvester (or Sylvester) Arntz is my 3 great grand uncle.  According to my records, Sylvester, and his twin sister Silesta, was born to John Philip Arntz and Elizabeth Rice, in Canton, Stark County, Ohio about April 1839.  About 1865, Sylvester married Meribah Hayes (who is the "Mrs. Meribah E Arntz" signed as a witness below).  I believe they had four children (2 daughters, 2 sons), but I only know the names of three: Henry, Syrena and Sherman.  Meribah died in 1925, and Sylvester died in 1926 in Vickeryville, Montcalm County, Michigan.

Below is the Affidavit of Silvester Arntz, dated 07 Nov 1901 in support of the Civil War Widows Application of his neighbor, Sarah J Dickinson, now Smith.  

1901 Affidavit of Silvester Arntz
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County of Montcalm                                                                   Middle Div.
                                             ss                           Widows Ctf No 53781 Sarah J Dickinson
State of Mich                                                       Now Smith                         Thomas R Dickinson Co. E
                                                                                          6th Mich Cav.

Personally appeared before me Silvester Arntz of the age of 63 and after being duely sworn says.

First.  That he has known Chas. W Smith and Sarah J Smith ever since their marriage in 1869 and knows that they have not been divorced.

Second.  That Sarah J Smith has lived a widow ever since Chas W.  Smith death and has not remarried.

Third.  That Sarah J Smith now owns the N.E. ¼ of the N.E. ¼ of Sec 85 in Town 10 North and 6 West of fifth princible Meridian and valued at $600.00 also that the rental value is worth $50.00.  Also that and her hands as her means of support. Also states that he has joined farms with said Sarah J Smith since 1869.

Ormand Maynard                                                          Silvester Arntz
Mrs. Meribah B Arntz Witness                                       Vickeryville Montcalm Co
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 4th day of Nov A.D. 1907
Ulyssis G. Philips
   Notary Public                                                               [US Pension Office Seal – Nov 7 1901]

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