Monday, July 30, 2012

Maritime Monday - The Jane Wood Boat

The Jane Wood, built by the James Wood Boat Co. in Mt. Clemens, MI in 1909
(L to R - Robert Wood, Herbert Wood, Caroline Wood, Jane Wood and Nelson Wood),
with the John Updagrove fish house in the background.
According to information from my grandfather, Emerson Harley Wood, this picture came to him through his sister Bernice (Bea) Kloska.  It is a picture of the Jane Wood, taken around 1909.  The boat was built by Robert Harold Wood, Nelson James Wood and their uncle William James "Jim" Wood in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. This boat replaced the boat lost in an explosion in Grindstone City, Michigan that killed Robert and Nelson's father (Nathan "Nate" Wood) in 1907.  It was named after Robert and Nelson's little sister, Jane.

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