Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday's Tip - Helpful Research Websites for Northern New York Counties

While helping a friend of mine do some research on her family lines from Franklin County, New York, I came across a wonderful FREE resource of historical newspapers.  We found a motherlode of information, and I thought I better share this website with anyone else who might be doing research in the northern counties of New York  (specifically Essex, Clinton, Franklin, St. Lawrence, Lewis, Jefferson and Oswego counties).

The Northern New York Historical Newspapers can be found at http://news.nnyln.net/index.html.  The website contains more than 2,284,000 pages from fifty-two newspapers from the region.  They were scanned, processed by an optical character recognition program (OCR) and then converted to PDF files.  The PDF files were then indexed and uploaded to the website, so you can search through the images.

Once you find an image, you can then quickly search inside the image by right clicking on the image and selecting FIND or by using the search shortcut feature Ctrl+F.

In addition to this website which contain only newspaper images, there are additional historical photos and other materials from various archives and special collections for several of these counties at the New York Heritage website. 

Here's hoping you find that missing piece in your research soon. 

Love and Aloha,
Cuzn Amy

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