Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jane Thrower French

This weeks family history project is to find out as much as I can about Jane Thrower, the second wife of my great great grandfather Aaron French.

What I currently know:

Jane Thrower was born in August of 1870 in Canada.  She married Aaron French in 1896, and they had several children.  My notes indicate they had three children, but my current family group sheet lists five sons (Charles E, Thomas J, Edward, Aaron Dewey, and Lawrence).  They lived in Sanilac county, Michigan.  I don't know when she died or where she is buried. Additionally, I think I may have some photographs of her in my French family file that I need to go through.

My research goals are as follows:

1. Find out were in Canada Jane Thrower was born. 
2. Find out who Jane Thrower's parents were.
3. Find out when in 1896 that Jane Thrower and Aaron French were married.
4. Find out when and where Jane Thrower French died.
5. Find out where Jane Thrower French is buried.
6. Locate any photographs of Jane Thrower French that I can.

Some resources I will check out:

1. - marriage records for Michigan, and any census records.
2. - public family trees and census records for 1880 and 1900 to start with.
3. - any death certificates for Thrower or French in Sanilac County.
4. My personal French family file in my Footsteps in Time binder.
5. - for any French family buried in Sanilac County, Michigan.

Wish me luck.

Love and Aloha,
~Cuzn Amy

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