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Joseph Shaw and Alice Kenyon - Marriage March 2, 1874

After seeing that the informant on Thomas Kenyon's death certificate was his sister, Alice Kenyon, I decided to track down any information I could on Alice.  I ordered a copy of her marriage record in 1874 to Joseph Shaw from the GRO in England, which arrived in my mailbox this week.  

This certificate clearly show's her father's name as John Kenyon, I need to see what information I can find that will get me back another generation.  Perhaps a birth record for Alice (from 1853) with a father listed as John.  Wonder how many Alice Kenyon's were born in Wigan in 1852-1854?

Marriage Record for Joseph Shaw and Alic



Application Number 5608864/1

1874. Marriage solemnized at the Register office in the district of Wigan in the County of Lancaster.


When Married.
Second March 1874

Name and Surname.
Joseph Shaw
Alice Kenyon

22 years
21 years


Rank or Profession.
coal miner
colliery laborer

Residence at the time of Marriage.
(unable to read) Wigan
(unable to read) Wigan

Father's Name and Surname.
John Kenyon (deceased)

Rank or Profession of Father.
Engine tender

Married in the Register office (according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the - struck through) by (unable to read) before me Robert Halliwell Registar Henry Ackerley Supt Registar

This Marriage was solemnized between us, X the mark of Joseph Shaw  Alice Kenyon
in the Presence of us, Thomas Shakelady  X The mark of Beloy Ann Shackelady

CERTIFIED to be a true copy of an entry in the certified copy of a register of Marriages in the Registration District of Wigan. Given at the GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE, under the Seal of the said Office, the 22nd day of April, 2014.

MXG 242680


Some additional research questions for me include:

1) Who are Thomas Shackelady and Beloy Ann Shackelady to either Joseph Shaw or Alice Kenyon?
2) Why didn't Joseph Shaw provide information about his father?
3) Why were they married at the Register office and not the local church?
4) What is an "engine tender"?
5) Can anyone else figure out what is written in for their residences?
6) Can anyone else figure out what is written in above Robert Halliwell's signature.  It appears to be related to how they were married?
7) Look for a birth record in 1853 for Alice Kenyon in Wigan, with a father named John Kenyon (makes the assumption that Alice was born in Wigan).
8) Look for a birth record in 1852 for Joseph Shaw in Wigan.  (This may be more difficult without a father's name to start with, as this may be a rather common name.  It also is assumed that Joseph was born in Wigan.)
9) Can you find a Joseph Shaw living in Wigan, age 19 in the 1871 England Census?
10) Can I find an Alice Kenyon living in Wigan, age 18 in the 1871 England Census with a John Kenyon as the head of household?
11) Can I find an Alice Kenyon, living in Wigan, age 8 in the 1861 England Census with a John Kenyon as head of household?
12) Locate the last census record that John Kenyon, with a daughter named Alice Kenyon can be found and then try to obtain a death record.

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